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About Us


Taking our customers to the next level

A new concept in e-liquid trading was formed to allow our ‘in-house brands’ and our partner nutracrest to trade directly to the retail outlets at wholesale prices.


we are building one of the most comprehensive network of retailers in the EU and are putting both ours and our partner’s brands directly onto the display shelves on every high street.


This is of huge benefit to the retailers (as well as our brand partners) as they are able to cut out the ‘middle man’ and purchase some of the best selling brands in the EU straight from source and at wholesale prices. Expect many more well known brands to be added overthe next few months. By acting together, we can collectively overcome the restrictions of the TPD.


One of the many unsurities within the vaping industry is 'will I be able to continue to sell my goods'.

We are comitted to ensure that we have a continued supply of E-Liquids that will not affect the supply for your customers.

We are aligning ourselves to the new rulings of the EU and suplimentory legislation of the MHRA who will be 'governing' our industry.
This is why at Vaping Warehouse we have financially commited to have all our E-liquids tested for Diacetyl and Acetyl Proprionyl, and from April 2016 all 10ml bottles will be TPD complient, and ready for submission to the MHRA by May 2016.

All 30ml bottles can still be sold, however production of these bottles must cease by 20 May 2016, and you as the wholesaler/retailer must clear your shelves of the 30ml bottles by May 2017, any bottles you hold after this date must be destroyed.

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